Two Question Survey

Hey! We are VERY close to launching our LONG-AWAITED video Leadership Skills Training Course designed specifically to further the Personal, Team and Spiritual Leadership Skills of Volunteer and Staff Church and Ministry Leaders. Our plan for this course is that it will be a great tool and excellent resource for busy pastors to use church-wide to train individual and team leaders.
We have LITERALLY been working on this for years now … but we are finally going to wrap it up. We will be pre-releasing it soon.

This course will be entirely focused on “Developing the Leadership Skills of Your Teams”. It will include 6 training video sessions, Discussion Guides for each lesson, a Priority Implementation Plan for each participant PLUS a Leader’s Guide to structure the group training, complete with discussion questions!

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalize everything and send it off to the Ethernet, we need to make sure we have covered everything.
That’s where you come in… please take a couple minutes to answer this super-short survey – there are only two questions we need you to answer:

FIRST: What are your top two questions about Volunteer or Staff Leadership Skills Training that we absolutely NEED to answer in this course?


SECOND: If there were ONE thing you wanted ALL of your Team to know about Leadership, what would that be?


PS: Leaving your email address is optional. We will NOT share your email address with anyone for ANY reason.