Does This Sound Familiar? “When I don’t know what to do, I start doing something else.”

For example …

  • A member of our team isn’t a good fit, so we meet with him, but nothing really changes. Then … before we resolve the issue, we move on to something “more pressing”.
  • We make time to talk about our strategy and plan, but we never execute it. The truth is, we welcome interruptions. It somehow makes us feel useful to ‘adjust’ our schedule.
  • A long-awaited event is just two days away and we are frantically trying to catch up on the details. Subtly, we find ourselves resentful of those who seem to just be watching us do everything.

These definitely resonate with us!

At times, we can all have a hard time following through and excuses for our lack of focus.

In fact, most leaders have simply never been taught how to lead. That’s why we wrote this free leadership resource!

The Seven Critical Components to Lead with Confidence is a comprehensive look at leadership that allows every leader to gain a clear understanding of leadership so you can confidently focus and follow through!

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