Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 3:00 pm Central

Culture Eats Vision for Breakfast: The Secret Weapon for Growing Your Organization

Join Brian Zehr, co-founder of Intentional Impact for this important webinar on how to propel growth through culture!

What you’ll learn:

    • Why culture is the biggest difference maker in every aspect of your organization
    • Proven ways to impact your organization’s culture
    • Culture “must-haves” that will effectively grow your organization
    • 3 REAL LIFE stories of people who have successfully used this exact same system to generate growth
    • 2 ways you can begin immediately shifting your culture

Interactive! Ask your most pressing questions during the live webinar

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and spending too much energy on meetings, putting out fires, replacing volunteers or staff, or asking for more help—it will be worth your time to join us!

It’s free, but you must

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