Culture Assessment

At Intentional Impact, we help make sure your CULTURE is Aligned for Growth.

Your CULTURE consists of YOUR VALUES (what is most important?), YOUR NARRATIVE (what are our stories?) and YOUR BEHAVIORS (what are our actions?). Growth Occurs When Your Values, Your Narrative and Your Behaviors are Aligned.

This video is designed to help you and your team, so be sure to share this with your whole team. The video comes from what we called Intentional Institute, an online service we used to provide. We are confident this free resource will help you to analyze your church culture.

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Leadership Culture 101

STEP 1: Download
This Discussion Guide

As you watch the video, be sure to keep notes using this Discussion Guide!


STEP 2: Watch
This Video

Every organization has a Leadership Culture, and in its simplest term, leadership culture is the personality of an organization. It’s who you are as a church. Your church has a culture that may or may not be healthy enough or positioned to accomplish your mission. This resource helps you assess your leadership culture to identify areas to concentrate on further.

STEP 3: Complete
This Assessment Tool

Now that you have the video and group discussion guide, why not take it up a notch and really assess your church’s leadership culture? This free tool will help you with a framework and step-by-step process to really understand – and make needed adjustments to – your church’s Leadership Culture.


Experience Growth Through the Power of Culture

Intentional Impact is a team of leadership training and coaching experts helping organizations create radical, exponential growth through the power of culture.

We help you and your team know what to do and how to do it – moving in the right direction together.  Experience meaningful shifts in your culture to achieve perpetual growth.