Solutions That Address Real Problems

We Often Hear …

  • We Don’t Have Enough Staff!
  • Our Church Isn’t Growing!
  • The Team’s Values and Priorities Are All Over the Map!
  • We Want to Go Multisite – But How!?

So We Help You …

  • Create Leaders Who Develop Leaders Who Develop Leaders – in All Areas
  • Discover & Break Through Growth Barriers
  • Clearly Define Vision & STRATEGY
  • Develop a Multiplying Church Culture

Imagine Your CULTURE (and not you ) Producing Emerging Leaders, Engaged and Committed Volunteers and Staff and Exponential Growth!

Our Process


We start by assessing where you are now. Together, we’ll clarify your vision and priorities and design a plan of attack.


Next, we create specific action steps to bring your vision into reality. You and your team will be trained to confidently know what to do and how to do it.


Through coaching, we hold you accountable to ensure you’re taking action. Behavior shift are aligned to your culture goals.

How We Connect

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    We find that in-person works best to kick things off. We come to you and meet you and your team. 

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    Sometimes in-person meetings are not practical. We will arrange to meet via private web conference.

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    Once we have a handle on your needs, we work with your entire team to get changes rooted into your culture.

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    Sometimes learning to lead differently works best away from your team. We host peer training and coaching groups.

Training, Coaching and Consulting Options

Peer Group Training and Coaching

Learn new leadership skills, gain insights from peers and be held accountable through monthly coaching sessions or stand alone, full-day or half day sessions with your leadership peers.

Leadership Coaching

Sometimes the Vision is bigger than the church. Sometimes it’s just hard to know HOW to do what we know we WANT to do. We’ll create a custom coaching plan just for you.

Creating a Leadership Pipeline

Imagine what you could do with more equipped leaders and a way to find and train new ones easily. We’ll teach you how to create a reproducing leadership culture that activates your church’s growth potential.

Leadership Retreats

Focus and move forward with an offsite retreat! Popular retreats led by our leadership development experts include vision and strategy sessions, resource and implementation planning, leadership development, and team building.

Multisite Consulting

Reproducing your second or third (or more) site requires more than money and will. You need to create a multiplying church culture. We offer a deep understanding, the critical expertise and personal experience to thrive and avoid the pitfalls and help you succeed.

Keynote Presentations

Invite Intentional Impact Co-Founder and leadership culture expert Brian Zehr to your event! Events are customized and sure to revitalize your team with inspiration, insight and instruction.

Our Highly Successful Process – CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU AND YOUR CONTEXT – Helps You Establish and Accelerate Your Growth Culture.

We serve Church Plants to Megachurches, Mainline Denominations to Independent Churches, Single Site to Multisite Churches.