Imagine Growth – Your Culture Is Your Growth Engine

Culture is the Key to Growth.

Intentional Impact Helps you Create Your Growth Engine.

What makes up your Culture?

  • Values – what’s most important to us
  • Narrative – our stories
  • Behaviors – our actions

Growth Occurs When Your Values, Your Narrative and Your Behaviors are all fully Aligned.

WATCH: Brian Zehr shares insights on how important culture is to all churches and leaders.

Understand and harness the power of culture for maximum impact. Your culture is your growth engine.

Culture is who we are and who we can be!

Culture is your lifeblood and the foundation that can radically propel growth…or be the reason why every effort to grow is hindered and capped.
Imagine a Leader-Rich Culture … so you could finally accomplish your vision.  A culture of perpetual growth.

You Can Have This … and We Will Help You Shift Your Culture One Practical Step at a Time

Intentional Impact has developed a process which has proven successful in helping leaders create culture shifts that propel growth.

We carefully preserve what is working within your culture yet create shifts in the behaviors, language and stories you use so that your vision, values and goals are clear, understood and made a reality.

We guide you through the process—and hold you accountable to the actions you need to take—resulting in a revitalization of energy, focus and effectiveness.

Your culture becomes what propels you toward exponential growth.

How It Works

The Intentional Impact process aligns the three key components of culture:

Vision and Values

We start by assessing and clarifying.
What’s most important to your organization right now? And what is unique to it that no other organization can claim to be or do as well as you?


We help you form the consistent language and stories that clearly convey your values.
Once we establish, together, clarity on the values needed for exponential growth, we work with you to create meaningful ways to consistently describe those values.

And we help you identify and capture the stories that can best illustrate and capture your values. Stories that make vision and values come alive. Stories that help people remember and understand your vision and values in a deep way that descriptive words alone cannot adequately convey.


We help you shift behavioral patterns that align you to your vision and values.
We’ll help you establish subtle shifts in new behavioral patterns at the macro level that everyone in the organization can take to embrace your vision and values. And at the micro level, we help leaders express and model the values, language, and stories to be embraced by their teams… and their team’s teams… leaders who will be the force that creates exponential growth.