“Planting a church is one of the scariest and most exciting things I could imagine doing. I feel way too often I am flying blind in the Himalayas. But now having Brian Zehr of Intentional Impact as my coach, I feel like I have a navigator who can see ahead and guide me through the valleys and peaks. Intentional Impact has been a tremendous help to remove the doubt and uncertainty along the way. Having Intentional Impact only a phone call away has been critical to my journey.  They have been an enormous source of encouragement on my worst days and have provided the much needed “kick” on those rare days that I thought I had it all figured out. I can’t recommend Brian Zehr and Bruce Hanson any stronger as trainers, consultants, coaches or conference leaders. They are extremely knowledgeable, personable, have a great sense of humor and tie it all together with a deep rooted faith in Christ.”

Ron Garner, G3 Church
G3 Church – Pastor
Winston-Salem, NC