“Intentional Impact has helped me learn how to invest in leaders. This has been a blessing for our church – and me – in many ways! In so doing, I have made some incredible friendships and there are now many very confident and, most importantly, faith-centered leaders leading in many capacities in our church! I have come to love two phrases:  “I see in you the gift of leadership.” I get to SEE the look on their face which tells me that most leaders very seldom have been affirmed for their leadership gift. And, “I can do that!” This is what I get to HEAR when someone I have invested in confidently states that they can do what God has called them to do. I previously invested a majority of time on administrative tasks. Now, I invest a majority of my time investing in people, building relationships and apprenticing Christ followers for their place in the Kingdom.”

Mark Borgetti, Lead Pastor
Joy Lutheran Church
Gurnee, IL