Brian Zehr

Co-Founder and Leadership Architect

Brian Zehr Co-Founder and Leadership Architect Biography – Brian Zehr Brian has nearly 30 years experience as a professional speaker, leader, trainer, coach and leadership developer. During much of this time, Brian has been involved in leading faith based organizations and continues to work in and with churches across the USA. He is a member…

Bruce Hanson

Co-Founder and CEO

Bruce Hanson Co-Founder and CEO Biography – Bruce Hanson Bruce is an experienced business strategist, serial entrepreneur, operational executive and leadership team builder. His interactions with executives and their teams is intentionally orchestrated to deliver positive impact – fast. For over 25 years, Bruce has built and led successful teams throughout the US, focusing on…

Nick Plassman

Leadership Catalyst

Nick Plassman Leader Catalyst Biography – Nick Plassman Nick is entrepreneurial and focuses on driving reproducing leadership cultures in mainline denomination and non-denominational churches. He’s an author of development training material, and co-author of the Apprentice Field Guide. He is passionate about leaders reaching their potential and multiplying themselves in others. Nick’s true identity is…

Rachelle Ferguson

Market Specialist

Rachelle Ferguson Leadership Specialist Biography – Rachelle Ferguson Rachelle has nearly twenty years of experience training and leading in both business and church leadership structures. After the last twelve years building a marketing business from scratch, she has learned that the skills of leading teams and creating systems are universal strategies to every organization. Rachelle…