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We have a lot of RAVING fans, but since our “Leading into Change” workshops are brand new, we don’t have any testimonial letters from any of our raving fans about it.

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“Intentional Impact brings not only a wealth of experience and knowledge but also a rich and discerning spirit that gives insight to complex circumstances that resist easy answers and quick fixes. – Ken Lyon, Matthews United Methodist Church”

“For those of us who have invested our hearts and our lives in the enterprise of leading growing, joyful, Christian communities, apprenticeship is not a new concept.  But over and over again, I have found that we fall in love with the idea of it, but then have no real skill for making it happen.  Intentional Impact has translated a great idea into a lifestyle of Christian Leadership Development.  If you are interested in taking your congregation from thinking about  leadership development or talking about  leadership development to living it, this is a resource you need to look at more closely. – Wayne N. Miller, Bishop, Metropolitan Chicago Synod – ELCA”

“Intentional Impact has made me a better and more effective leader – readier than ever to take on the challenge of leading a reproducing, multisite congregation. – Fred Nelson, Redeemer Lutheran Church”

“When it comes to leadership development, coaching and training, I can say without a doubt that Intentional Impact is the best I’ve ever been around. Intentional Impact is the designated ‘go to’ added-value partner and center of excellence for leadership development and coaching. – Dave Ferguson, Co-Founder & Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church & Co-Founder, Exponential Church Planting Network”

“The reproducing leadership and relational investment process of Intentional Impact is changing our church culture from “volunteering” to “servant leadership.”   I highly recommend their expertise. – Jerry Webb, Hillsdale United Methodist Church”

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