Culture is Everything

Culture is Everything Mark and his team planted a church not too long ago. But even before they officially launched the church, a culture was beginning to form. Culture is everything. As Mark’s launch team grew, he cast vision, he formed relationships, and he developed priorities and timelines for everything from finances to community involvement. For…

Power of Assumptions

The Power of Assumptions I read a study recently on YouVersion about Joshua’s leadership. And, some leadership assumptions he made. You may recall the story – Joshua leads the Israelites into the land of Canaan and they come to the city of Jericho. To take the city – as God had promised the land to…

Leadership Improv

Leadership Improv Remember the TV show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” It’s an improv show packed with wild and funny sketches, recorded in front of a live audience. The comedian actors and actresses are hilarious. The show came to the US from the UK if I recall. Both series are side-splitters. Leading any organization can…

The Connected Leader

What I learned about leadership from a ponderosa … One of my favorite places in North America is in the mountains of New Mexico, specifically Hermit Peak. I just love that place. Hermit Peak is a mountain that stretches over 10,000 feet high and has a breath taking view from the top. Why is it…

Solving Your Number One Leadership Challenge

Sometimes I have a focus issue. That statement does not surprise those of you that know me well. I am easily bored and I love to be involved with many different challenges. Most leaders have similar issues.

See if this sounds familiar:

  • A member of our team isn’t a good fit, so we meet with him, but nothing really changes. Before we resolve the issue, we move on to something more pressing.
  • We block off time to think through our strategy and plan, only to find that someone else requires our care and wisdom. It always sounds good to say that we are available to lead those that need us but the truth is, we welcomed the interruption. It somehow makes us feel useful to ‘adjust’ our schedule.
  • A long awaited event is now two days away and we are frantically trying to

What I Learned About Leadership from my 10 Year Olds

My kids are twins. They’re 10. Going on 5. Or 35. Sorta depends on the day, I guess.

I have a son. He’s all boy. Sports. Dirt. Sweat.

I also have a daughter. She’s all girl. Clothes. Creativity. Curiosity.

With twins, everything’s competitive. I laugh frequently, because my athletic son cannot draw a stick man without a stencil. My very highly creative daughter, finds dribbling a basketball beneath her station. Yet – if one were to challenge the other’s skill in said ‘department’, well, let’s just say, “Game on!”

Have you ever been competitive about something you know you’re not that good at …?