Brian Zehr

  • Naperville, IL
  • Co-Founder, Intentional Impact
Below is a bit about me and some documents that have helped my Clients the most over the Last 12 Months to Create a Culture of Growth their Organizations and Lead Their Teams to Action.
From the Desk of BRIAN ZEHR
Written on August 17, 2017

Some of you already know me, but for thsoe who I haven't had the privilege to meet yet, my name is Brian Zehr and I am the Co-Founder and Leadership Architect of Intentional Impact.
I am an expert in helping leaders create a culture of growth in their organizations. Over the last ten years I have been helping people know not only what to do as they Lead Their Teams into ACTION – but HOW TO DO IT – with real solutions to problems that show up when leading others.
So… Why do I do what I do?
When I first started out in leadership, over 25 years ago, I thought I had a lot of the answers. But over time I realized this was not the case. In fact, as our church grew, the leadership challenges that came along with that growth began to weigh us down. We were not set up with the proper leadership to sustain the growth we were experiencing.
Then it got personal. I became embroiled in both personal and professional leadership challenges.
I was unsure of both what to do and how to do it. I had never been taught how to lead.
I had no intentional plan for how to lead, let alone develop the leadership skills of others!
I was leading a growing church, but because of my own lack of leadership skills I couldn’t solve the problems of conflict, lack of vision, and breakdown in teams.
This ultimately left me feeling broken and isolated.
Fortunately, I had people to turn to and I was willing and able to listen, and learn. I knew I needed to know what to do and how to do it. So I became a student of leadership. I read everything. Went to every conference and sought out mentors.
This helped, but it wasn’t enough.
I was still reacting. To positive opportunities and to difficult situations alike.
I realized I needed more – I had to develop a very specific process, a kind of Philosophy of Leadership, so that I could become a better leader. A key in my success was understanding how to shift the culture of my church so that leadership development became a priority.
I began a journey of surrounding myself with natural leaders - professionals I respected - and consumed everything I could get my hands on. I partnered with strong, influential leaders and their teams to learn more about how to lead.
In time, I developed my own systems and processes which anchored my own leadership in a way that helped me develop these skills in others. When this became the norm, I began to define a leader’s success by the number of people they were developing - and not whether they were experts in their craft (“developers of people” vs. “practitioners”). This is when my personal leadership and that of the church I led began to bloom.
I realized that I needed to share this knowledge with other leaders. This quickly grew into consulting for all kinds of leaders, church and ministry teams, non-profit leaders and corporate leaders alike.
I became a certified Executive Coach. I worked in hospitals, schools, businesses, churches and church plants (startups), as a campus pastor for a multi-site church and became the Director of Leadership Coaching and Training for an international church planting organization called NewThing.
Along the way, I met and became friends with my now business partner, Bruce Hanson, and in 2008 we launched a company dedicated to helping leaders achieve their best and create cultures of growth for their organization.
Because I am passionate about helping and training others, I want people to know how to lead with confidence, knowing what to do. I want you to succeed in building your teams and achieving your strategy by strengthening your leadership skills. I want to equip you to be wildly successful.
And ... we want to be An Influential Voice in “What’s Next” for Leaders and Organizations.
I have a passion to help people navigate through change and create, or shift, their cultures for growth.
So, I’m here today and I understand what to do in leadership very well, and I wanted to do my best to help you get through it. I’ve written a few powerful articles below to help you do just that.
Here's another highly effective piece I wrote that I hope will help you: The 5 Steps To GETTING BUY-IN and DRIVING ACTION in 25 DAYS.
I think you are really going to be able to take the information in those articles and blow it out of the water, just like my other amazing clients have this year.
Co-Founder and Leadership Architect of Intentional Impact