Too Much Talk

I talk too much. There, I said it. Most people that know me would probably say that it is about time I admitted it. But realistically most of us have this problem. Even the most introverted among us tend to use way too many words to describe our thoughts and feelings. One thing I have…


My Values Wake-Up Call

My Values Wake-Up Call Have you ever looked back and realized that pretty much everything has changed? I have kept a journal for the better of my adult life. The many journals that I have written in over the years are filled with wandering thoughts, prayers, and even the processing of my life. I still…


Leadership Must Haves

When I was growing up, one of our annual family gatherings was during the early Spring. We would all arrive at our family farm dressed in long sleeves and sturdy shoes. Each person had some sort of bag hanging from their pocket or fastened to their belt. We would spread out at the entrance of…


Not Yet Convinced

Not Yet Convinced It looked the same… but I could tell it wasn’t. It was still green and slimy, but I could tell it was different. Most mornings my wife will make me what she calls a “smoothie”. Others call it “juicing”. It’s vegetables and a little fruit put into a Vitamix and blended into…


The Leadership Fire

Fire is fascinating. It is mesmerizing to sit and stare into a campfire or even a fireplace. I have lots of memories of fires … controlled fire. Unfortunately, many fires are not controlled. At least the leadership fires that we face. The “leadership fire” is a problem we face which threatens to keep us from…