assessment under a magnifying glass you assess you win

You Assess, You Win

You Assess, You Win We meant to take action, but the opportunity passed us by. OR We didn’t realize that staff person was not doing what we thought they were. OR The numbers we thought were right, were actually padded to look better than they are. OR A leader we believed was on board just…


Strategic Leader

You might be a strategic leader if… Last week we discussed the importance of avoiding strategic mishaps, and why they occur. This week we continue our discussion with more specifics on how to be a strategic leader. Jeff Foxworthy is a famous comedian who originally became known for his one-liners dealing with – what he…


Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead Do you ever feel like you are just a step behind? I don’t play chess anymore. My ego can’t handle it. As much as I try, I just don’t seem to be able to beat anyone at the game. The board looms before me, its pieces beckoning to be used. But I find…

beautiful sundae and plain vanilla cup expectation vs reality

Expectation vs Reality

Expectation vs Reality Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered from pictures only to be disappointed by the food that is actually delivered? Expectation vs reality can be disillusioning. Fast food places are notorious for this kind of thing. Have you ever received a burger that is so delicately constructed that the pickles,…

Girl pulling resisting dog on leash overcoming resistance to change

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming Resistance to Change Sometimes, leadership is simply using your influence to bring about change. Overcoming resistance to change is a skill all leaders must therefore master. It is nearly impossible to lead without changing something. Whether you are improving things, adding staff, training people, or starting something brand new, there is always change in…

Glass ball with background in focus how to gain clarity

Gain Clarity

How to Gain Clarity I have always thought that I talk “gooder” than others. I have thought of myself as a pretty good communicator. I have also thought about how to gain clarity, communication skills, and the art of helping others understand what I mean. When I speak, it is clear, it makes sense… at…