Need some clarity … and a plan?

Need some clarity … and a plan? Nicely done! For the past month I have been observing how so many pastors are making unexpected, but necessary adjustments: Online worship services Ways of connecting people to each other utilizing Zoom or Skype video calls Modeling and encouraging people in how to deal with crisis Sacrificing to…


Level Three Trust

Level Three Trust Maybe you’ve seen the movie, you know, the one where one person is looking for the key to their happiness only to find that it was right in front of them the whole time? I’m not naming the movie because there are countless stories with this theme. Sometimes the best relationships are…

map with thumb tack destination expert

Destination Expert

Become a Destination Expert Ever wonder how you got to where you are? Sometimes that is a harmless question. Many of us have driven our car somewhere and have put the “cognitive automatic pilot” on. We don’t really remember the drive. It just happened. Seemingly arbitrary decisions were made along the way. If the path…

assessment under a magnifying glass you assess you win

You Assess, You Win

You Assess, You Win We meant to take action, but the opportunity passed us by. OR We didn’t realize that staff person was not doing what we thought they were. OR The numbers we thought were right, were actually padded to look better than they are. OR A leader we believed was on board just…